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The Management & Science University (MSU) is one of Malaysia's top universities. It provides specialized programmes of studies in the areas of business, management, medicine, health sciences, information sciences, engineering, education and hospitality (foundation, diploma, bachelor’s degree, master & PhD). MSU gives priority to quality education and the importance of creative teaching methodologies towards producing quality graduates. Besides incorporating international exposure in the students' learning experience, extensive industrial training components are also blended into the program of study to ensure graduates employability.


  • MSU has been continuously rated as an ‘Excellent University’ by Ministry of Higher Education under the rating system for Malaysian Higher Education (SETARA)
  • Rated as one of the top private universities by ASIC UK (Accreditation Service for International Colleges)
  • The 1st Non Japanese university to receive accreditation from ABEST21 Japan (The Alliance on Business Education & Scholarship for tomorrow)
  • Ranked as One of the top private universities in Malaysia through an establish audit conducted by Ernst & Young under the auspices of the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE)
  • The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), USA
  • A member of the Association of Asia Pacific Business School (AAPBS), Korea
  • A member of the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), Belgium/ Europe
  • A member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), UK

Distinguished Faculty

Professors of the MSU are accomplished teachers who have also made significant contributions to the business world, both as academics and working professionals. They conduct research and have published articles across a broad range of business and professional areas. They have also taught university-level business courses abroad, thus bringing their rich multi-cultural heritage to our country. Professors at MSU are rigorously selected worldwide from among the best consultants and professionals in their fields.  

 Program Highlights

  • The program is designed to cultivate the leadership and efficacy necessary to tackle the challenges of senior management on an international level.
  • The world of business and management is undergoing rapid and professional changes. To adapt effectively and stay competitive, senior managers must possess, besides relevant management experience, outstanding academic qualifications such as the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.
  • MSU proudly introduces the degree of Doctor of Philosophy PhD program that emphasizes advanced knowledge in management, efficient business practices as well as skills in advanced business research.
  • This challenging and intensive program aims to prepare highly, motivated and successful managers and professionals for the most senior positions in the industry or to enable them to build a successful new venture.
  • Businesses are faced with tremendous change due to the rapid development of technology and economic growth that will result in the elimination of the traditional barriers of the trade of such as time, space and form of the traditional barriers of trade such as time, space and form.
  • The PhD is the highest degree awarded by the MSU. It signifies that you have successfully mastered a body of skills and knowledge in preparation for a career as an independent scholar. Doctoral training involves working closely with faculty on projects of mutual interest, since mastery of research methods requires hands-on experience.
  • The MSU provides an excellent environment in which to pursue your doctoral studies. Faculties are active in research, with projects in many different areas, using many different methods. The MSU has exceptional facilities and equipment, and through its faculty projects, has access to many off-campus research sites.



The doctoral programme is a full-time/part time course of study, typically three years post-baccalaureate. The programme of study leading to the doctoral degree is organized to attain the following objectives:


  • To enable students to engage in advanced study and research with scholars in a variety of information fields, such as economics of information, human-computer interaction, library and information services, organizational issues, archives and records management, new systems architecture, digital libraries, information systems management, and digital documents/digital publishing.
  • To foster original and scholarly research that contributes to all of these fields
  • To enable graduates to integrate their professional education and experience with the larger problems of the information professions
  • Conceptual frameworks of practice knowledge and approaches for business and management application;
  • Extensive familiarity with the literature of selective specialist applied areas within the business and management field;
  • Ability to link and integrate applied research to learning as a precursor to the formulation of vision, strategy and process leadership for corporate and business enterprise;
  • Skills in applied research methodologies including literature searches, field research design, data analysis and the communication of research findings.


To reach these objectives, students in the doctoral program work closely with one or more faculty members of the school and from their related fields of study. A student’s primary supervisor is a key factor to success in graduate school. Upon admission to the school, each PhD student is assigned a faculty supervisor.  This faculty member will assist you in developing your first year of study. As you come to know the faculty better and your research interests crystallize, you may find another faculty member who would better serve that role.



The MSU PhD program aims at achieving the following inter-related goals:

  • To create "PhD" with advanced skills in: teaching, research, managerial, entrepreneurial, and strategic knowledge and skills necessary for leading and managing all facets of contemporary organizations.
  • To develop within each candidate the expertise and skills necessary to be an effective educator and faculty member.
  • To produce researchers who can advance business theory and practice, and enhance the contributions that business can make to the larger community.
  • To encourage creativity, analytical thinking, critical analysis, and innovative problem-solving.
  • To produce graduates with advanced capabilities in leadership and managing change. Graduates will be able to examine any formal organization and discern its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. In turn, they will be able to make prognoses and prescriptions accordingly.
  • To advance the long term viability of candidates' employer organizations through the candidate's high level intellectual contributions and innovative problem solving abilities.
  • To provide opportunity for considerable personal development, such that the PhD graduate achieves a greater level of effectiveness as a professional practitioner, educator, or manager. Upon graduation, participants will have developed a portfolio of personal, transferable competencies appropriate for their planned and projected career objectives as a senior manager, educator or entrepreneur.
  • To engender an enjoyable educational experience responsive to the rapid rate of technological, organizational and global changes shaping modern day organizations.


Active Learning Exercises act as a basis for verbal analysis and discussion, allowing for a rich learning environment by integrating the "real" world into the classroom. Thinking strategically sections following the opening vignettes and cases provide thought-provoking questions and exercises which sharpen student’s problem-solving abilities. Opening vignette is designed to illustrate the major issues found in each module with compelling real-world issues.




MSU PhD Programme by Research
GSM offers a research programs leading to PhD. These programmes are assessed entirely on the basis of research presented in a thesis or dissertation.



Area of Research

Our current research priority identifies the following areas of major research strength. These are:

  • International business
  • E-commerce
  • Strategic management and globalization
  • HRM
  • Customer relationship management
  • Marketing
  • Accounting and finance
  • Multimedia technology
  • Business computing
  • ICT
  • MI
  • 1. A candidate admitted into a Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) shall possess any of the following qualifications and must demonstrate an ability to carry out independent research:
    • a. A Master's degree and Degree from any universities or an equivalent qualification of an institution as approved by the MSU- Senate;
    • b. However, application from candidates who has a Bachelor's degree with First Class Honors may also be considered. In this case, the candidates will register initially at Master level, and based on their performance they may be promoted into the Ph.D. programme.
  • 2. The Graduate School Board may require a candidate to follow any subjects taught at the undergraduate or postgraduate level, if the Graduate School Board is of the opinion that the subject is required for the candidate to complete his/her study successfully.
  • 3. In special cases, the Senate may be, on the recommendation of the Graduate School Board, permit a candidate of Doctor of Philosophy from another universities or institutions to be admitted as a candidate for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.
  • 4. In the case of a candidate admitted under the provisions of section D above, the Senate may, on the recommendation of the Graduate School Board, count in part or in full, the number of months the candidate has registered towards the minimum period of candidature of Doctor of Philosophy.


Duration of Candidature

The following duration of candidature shall be applied to Master and Ph.D. programs;

Minimum Period

Maximum Period

Full time - Two (2) years
Part time - Three (3) years

Full time - Five (5) years
Part time - Seven (7) years

 Application Procedures

  • Application Form can be obtained from the MSU- WINC during office hours. Your application must reach MSU at least one (1) month prior to the commencement of each new intake.
  • A completed Application Form must be submitted together with the following documents to GMC:
    • 1. Two copy- Certified true copies of the Master and Bachelor's Degree (or equivalent certificates as approved by the Senate of MSU) including full academic results transcripts.
    • 2. Two copy- Photocopy of identity card (I/C), front & back.
    • 3. Two (2) copies of Reference form to be filled in by two of the candidate's lecturers for those fresh from University/ without working experience. For those with working experience Reference Forms should be completed by the immediate Superior and a lecturer/ or 2 Superiors at the workplace.
    • 4. Two Photo (passport size)
    • 5. Two copy of update CV
    • 6. Two copy Draft research proposal
  • If the application is successful, the MSU will send a Letter of Offer, Fee Schedule and other related documents to the successful applicants. Unsuccessful applicants will also be informed in writing.
  • In order to accept the offer, applicants have to fill in the "Acceptance of Offer" form and all appendices and return them to MSU according to the date stipulated. Failure to confirm acceptance of the offer within the stipulated period may result in a withdrawal of the offer.

Step 1: Please read the Application Procedures carefully, fill in the application form & two Reference Forms and send it back to us with all you supporting documents.
Step 2: If you are accepted, we will send you a letter of offer with the details of Fees, Schedule and other related documents.
Step 3: To register, complete the registration form and fee slip. Return or send it back to WINC along with the registration fee plus the fees for the modules you will be taking at your first examination to WINC.

"Please fill in the Online Application Form at the top right hand corner of this page, and fill in all the information, so that we can give you an accurate quote for the program selected by you."