FAQ’s, Distance Learning Degrees, Online Education

QUESTION  1 :  Are the degrees / qualifications the same as those offered on campus?

QUESTION  2 :  Who are the faculty teaching on the online programmes?

QUESTION  3 :  Are the courses self-paced?

QUESTION  4 :  Will I need to travel abroad to complete my degree?

QUESTION  5 :  What is it like to take an online class?

QUESTION  6 :  How can there be discussions in an online environment?

QUESTION  7 :  How can I ask the faculty questions?

QUESTION  8 :  Will students be able to access the university library?

QUESTION  9 :  What computer hardware and software do I need?

QUESTION  10 :  Where can I take the final exams?

QUESTION  11 :  What help is available to me during my study and how can I avail of it?

QUESTION  12 :  How can I get started?

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