Online Campus

By studying towards your online program you will be offered a state of the art learning environment, the freedom to participate in classes whenever and wherever you choose, and the opportunity to earn the highly respected degree you need to advance your career.

But studying for your degree online may also raise some questions and concerns. It’s a new and unknown experience, so it’s natural to be uncertain about what to expect and how the process will unfold.

While your WINC team will walk you through the entire process and will be there to support you every step of the way from first contact to graduation, we also offer the following brief highlights as an introduction to the Online Experience.

Course Delivery

Unlike most online degree programs, where most interaction between teachers and students happens asynchronously, the WINC OL delivery system allows regular contact sessions in synchronous mode between the student and teacher. This happens during the weekly lecture and tutorial session which is scheduled once every week (just like in a traditional college / University) and conducted via a sophisticated video and audio conferencing system. However, unlike traditional mode, a student can ´attend´ the class from anywhere in the world as long as he/ she has access to a computer with internet access!

These sessions are conducted at pre-scheduled times to the students. And what´s more - Students who cannot attend these sessions can retrieve these lectures as they will be recorded. In addition to this, students can talk one on one to the faculty members during their scheduled office hours to resolve doubts/ queries.

Learning Facilities and Resources

Most courses will combine assigned readings from textbooks and other materials, online exercises, problems, or activities put together by the instructor, interactive discussions on cases, situations, or questions posed by the instructor, and assigned group or individual projects or papers. In addition to the live lecture delivery mentioned above all courses are supported using Moodle, an integrated course management- system.

Students have access to these resources through the term and can download and print them as needed. In a normal week, students will be expected to complete the assigned readings from the text book and other resources, go over the lecture notes/ Audio lectures provided, participate in the asynchronous discussion boards, and attend the virtual lectures and tutorial sessions.


Assessments are designed to reflect and develop the skills leaders use in their professional environment, so you will be assessed on written assignments, presentations, reflective portfolios and personal development plans.

Homework assignments are posted on the Assignment Manager inside Moodle.

Written assignments are submitted online through Moodle; when they are due is at the discretion of the instructor. Additional learning materials are available in the course resource area, such as PowerPoint slides, lecture notes, case examples, demonstrations, practice exams, and relevant articles or papers.

Highlights of Online Learning

  • Your classes will take place in an online environment. You can log in at any time at your convenience on to the LMS. Once online, you’ll communicate with your instructors and fellow students, read assigned texts, access digital materials, post assignments and comment on other students’ assignments. While you’re required to log in at least two separate days each week, you will, of course, benefit greatly from regular and more frequent attendance. In addition, Live, interactive lectures are scheduled just as in a traditional programme and these times and schedules are made available at the start of each semester
  • Your online course experience will take place on an advanced learning management system designed to facilitate the optimal learning experience for students. In addition to the educational platform you’ll utilize to communicate with faculty and fellow students, you’ll also have access to e-textbooks offering you the capability to highlight, annotate, create bookmarks, search, download and self-assess.
  • Similar to a campus classroom, the online experience will include extensive participation and interaction with faculty and fellow students. You’ll also use the online forum to communicate with advisers, teaching assistants and instructional specialists.
  • You can take one/ two modules at a time, each lasting 6/12 weeks. This advanced learning method designed for adults allows you to concentrate your entire focus on one subject area before moving onto the next, while also allowing you to earn your degree in an accelerated time frame.
  • The MBA/BA(Hons) degree you earn will hold the same value, acceptance and credibility as any equivalent degree earned in a traditional campus environment.